My bachelor of Arts project – A sneak peek in my future graphic novel

Cover - My fucking stag

English: Here is the cover of the graphic novel I started to make for my bachelor project. I hope to end it in two years. It will probably be around a hundred pages long, full color. Half reality, half fiction, sharing my life as a cancerous person. Wait for it, it will be published once. If you read french, you can download 20 pages here! (PS: Title is a pun in french between “my cancer” and “my fucking stag” (“mon con de cerf”) which is pronounced almost the same)

Français: Voici la couverture de mon travail de bachelor. C’est un roman graphique qui fera au final une centaine de pages, tout en couleurs. J’espère terminer ce projet d’ici deux ans. Moitié réalité, moitié fiction, cet ouvrage parle de mes cancers et de la façon dont je vis ces situations. Vous pouvez télécharger une vingtaine de pages ici.

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