School Stuff – Document Study 4

Nicole Marsh's portrait

English: Here’s another document study i did in school. The reference picture is a stock photography from Nicole Marsh. I spent around 27 hours on this painting. It was done on photoshop cs5. I’ll make a short process video that i’ll post soon.
Français: Une autre étude documentaire réalisée à l’école. L’image de référence est une photographie de Nicole Marsh. J’ai passé environ 27 heures à peindre ce portrait sur Photoshop CS 5. Je montrerai bientôt les étapes que j’ai enregistrées sous forme de vidéo.

School Stuff – Illustration – Taekwondo

taekwondo kidstaekwondo kids 2

English: Here’s a job i did in the illustration class. We had to choose a sport and make two image of the same size. One had to be before the start and the second during the action. The first shot had to be a large one and the second a close-up. The target audience had to be youngsters. Technique is watercolor on paper.
Français: Voici un travail réalisé pour le cours d’illustration. Nous devions faire deux images de même format sur un sport que nous pouvions choisir. La première image devait être un plan large montrant la scène avant le “départ” et la seconde un gros plan dans le feu de l’action. Illustration jeunesse réalisée à l’aquarelle.

Cyberpunk woman hacker

Cyberpunk woman hacker

English: A friend at school (Nibe Mbumba) is asking each student to draw something in a sketchbook he bought, so i had to do something too… Here is what i did… The sketch was done with a hb pencil, then i went with a black ink pen, then a cool gray marker, a darker gray marker, a black brush marker, watercolor and a wide red paint marker. The character’s position was referenced from a study by Olly Lawson.
Français: Un camarade d’école, (Nibe Mbumba), demande à tous les étudiants de dessiner quelque chose dans un carnet qu’il a acheté, j’y suis donc aussi passé… Voici mon méfait… Esquisse au crayon, puis trait au stylo noir, ombres avec des feutres-pinceaux en niveaux de gris puis aquarelle pour le bleu et Posca pour le rouge. La position du personnage provient d’une étude réalisée par Olly Lawson.

School stuff – Comic page

4 panels comic page

English: Here’s a comic page i did for school. we had to make a 4 panels page depicting some scenery in the 3 first panels and a character in the fourth. We had to create some kind of surprise in the last panel as well.
Français: Voici une page de BD réalisée pour les cours. Nous devions créer une planche de 4 cases, contenant uniquement des décors dans les trois premières cases, puis un personnage dans la dernière. Il fallait si possible ajouter un élément de surprise dans la dernière case.

School stuff – Document study 3

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, i’ve been quite busy finishing various school projects and making my 1st semester exam project.

Well, that said, i hereby present you a little animation i’ve made showing a few steps of a painting i did in my document study class. It was an exercise to learn how to paint fur. i chose a wolf because i like the animal, but it’s hard to paint because of the number of different colors it has on itself.

School stuff – Character design 02

character design, silhouettesyeah, i know, i did it again… showing you my second work before my first one… but you’ll have my first document study class work up tonight too, i promise (GMT+1).
Well, here is my second work in character design class.

For this job we had to design very readable silhouettes for:

  • a dangerous dog
  • a bad kid
  • a menacing viking
  • a chanting sorcerer
  • an old rockstar


i’m sorry i didn’t update in a time, my computer got dead and i took some vacations for my father’s birthday.
i’m back now, and i’m happy to tell you all that Jonfen and i are gonna be sketching almost every week from life, in the freeport or around. Contact either of us if you wanna join in. We would be pleased to see people join our little exercise.
expect to see the results of my studies here.
See ya!